Before Your Very Eyes: Hire a Magician for a Kid’s Party and be Amazed

There is nothing quite so satisfying for the organiser of a party as to see the young audience entranced by a piece of magic, watching intently as a magician does something they want to believe is some kind of miracle. They’re going to go away with stories to tell about how the impossible can be achieved if you know the right mystical formula. Most are going to believe they are capable of doing something similar. Even if they have a scientific mind that needs proof before they can accept it, it makes them use their brains, trying to work it out. And just as importantly, hiring a magician for a kids’ party means they’re going to be quiet for a while. Read More

With an audience of adults if you are organising a corporate party entertainment, it’s a different challenge, because the corporate magician becomes the “magician”, and those quote marks mean it’s all about amazing an audience that’s trying to work out how it’s done and determined not to be fooled by sleight of hand and distractions. Adults don’t sit there open-mouthed, believing what they’ve just seen, they simply wonder how the trick can have been pulled right in front of them, and admire the skill of someone they know is not a supernatural figure but a corporate magician in Canberra.

I Want to Hire a Magician in Canberra – But Which One?

That’s the big question, because you need the right sort of character pulling the right sort of tricks for your particular audience. Thus a corporate magician may be perfect for certain adult event entertainment but not necessarily the right magician for a kids’ party. Too sophisticated, perhaps. Too slick. And lacking the ability to relate to youngsters. So rather than running the risk of hiring the wrong person, it makes sense to consult a company that knows all the magicians and can advise you on which ones would be perfect for your unique event. This magician that can double up as your Wedding DJ or another magician for your corporate event.

Well, you’re in the right place, because we at Stargigs know all the magicians and we can find the right one for you. This is what we do, or rather part of what we do. We’re event organisers and we can find you a talented magician, just like we can find you the right venue, a suitable party band for hire, a great DJ, a hilarious comedian or an event MC who will ensure the evening goes seamlessly.

I Need a Magician for a Birthday Party. Do you Know Someone?

Our answer to this would be a series of questions. How old will the audience be? Where is the event taking place? Do you want some urbane, mature character or a zany younger person? But ultimately the answer will always be the same: yes, we know the perfect magician for your birthday party.

How Do I Get Started Hiring a Corporate Magician for a Party?

Just contact us and we can get started right away. Fill in the online form and tell us what it is you need or call us to discuss your event. Abracadabra: we’ll find you a magician for your corporate event.

Good times Guaranteed with a Party Magician for Hire

What is it about a good kids’ party magician that fascinates them? Is it the sleight of hand or the patter? In these days of wall-to-wall video games and online fun, it is heartening to know that kids can still be enraptured by something happening before their very eyes.

They are still at an age where they believe impossible things can happen. Just because as adults most of us have lost that sense of awe and wonder, that doesn’t mean it has disappeared completely, and of course, we wouldn’t want to deprive youngsters of the excitement that magicians for hire can bring.

How Do I Know I’m Booking a Good One?

We at Stargigs specialise in magician party hire. We vet all the acts that come to us for bookings, so we can not only see if they’re any good but get a good idea of their style and personality. Only if they pass the test do we take them on. There are magicians around who can captivate a room full of adults too, but mainly, magician hire is for the young, more impressionable audience.

That is not to say that parents are immune to the magic: you may find yourself watching from the back, marvelling at the skill of this entertainer.

A great party magician for hire would have been popular in previous eras too. It’s an age-old tradition, just like the tradition of throwing a party for your child.

Come to us for your entertainer and we will help fill your party with fun, fascination and good old-fashioned good times.

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