It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t got that Swing: Jazz Bands for Hire.

Nothing makes an event go with a swing like a jazz band. That joyful sound of brilliant musicians having the time of their lives playing for you gladdens the heart. That makes it ideal music for all sorts of events and parties. At Stargigs, we are proud to say we know all the best jazz bands for hirein Canberra, because that means we know all the best musicians, and that’s important to us, because we’re in the business of providing top-notch entertainment. Read More

Jazz is a specialist field, and the standard of musicianship tends to be higher than in other forms of popular music. Like classical musicians, these people really know what they’re doing. There are no three-chord wonders in the jazz world, and even when they follow the chord patterns of the song, they’re making it up as they go along. Part of the beauty of it is that they can be playing a song you’ve heard a hundred times, but it sounds fresh because the ability of the players takes it into new territory all the time.

What Kinds of Jazz Bands for Hire will We Find Here?

The majority of the acts we book fall under the general heading of Traditional and Standards and that can include swing, bebop, Dixieland, Afro-Cuban and a host of other genres. If you’re not even sure what that style you’ve got in your head is called, don’t worry. You hum it and I’ll play it, as they say. Sing us a few bars, name some names of live bands for hire or songs and we’ll work it out for you. And not only will we tell you what it’s called, but we’ll also find someone who can do that kind of thing.

Maybe you like the big bands, names like Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey. Tunes like In the Mood, Take the A Train or Come Fly With Me. They evoke a different era, calmer and less rushed. If that’s the kind of atmosphere you want for your event or party hire in Canberra, we’ll find a jazz band who can give it to you. If you’re thinking about something a bit more contemporary such as Michael Bublé and Nora Jones, we know people who do that kind of thing too. And if you want an Ella Fitzgerald or a Louis Armstrong, we can get you somebody along those lines.

How Do I Go About Finding a Good Jazz Band in Canberra?

All you have to do is ask us because we at Stargigs know these people, these ensembles, and they know us. We just need some details to work with: what kind of style you’re thinking of, what kind of event you’re putting on, and of course the date. Depending on your event, you might need a specialised band. So just fill in the online form or give us a call to discuss it. We’ll find out who’s suitable and available and take it from there.

If you need any more help with your event, from venues to Wedding MCs and DJs to comedians in Canberra, we’d be delighted to talk about those too. Just get in touch and tell us what you need.
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Jazz Bands for Hire

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