Corporate Entertainment to Keep the Troops Happy

Everybody loves a good staff party. There’s an important word in that sentence: good. Corporate party entertainment that really gets them rocking can do wonders for morale and even recruitment, because people tell their friends when they’ve had a good time. So here’s the thing: everybody can have a good staff party as long as it’s well organised, and that’s where the professional event entertainers come in. Read More

We at Stargigs enjoy organising corporate event entertainment. We’ve got a lot of experience doing it, and that means we know all the venues, all the comedians in Canberra, the bands for hire, the DJs, and the Corporate MCs. We have all the ingredients, and because of our experience, we can also advise you on what will work and what might not, because we’ve been involved in some great events and we’ve also seen some that haven’t hit the mark. We don’t want that to happen to you. We want your event to be an absolute success.

What are the Entertainment Options for Corporate Events?

Corporate entertainment comes in all shapes, sizes and styles, so there are lots of options, and we will be delighted to discuss some ideas with you. We can advise whether a dance band is the way to go for unique corporate entertainment – something a bit different. Corporate magicians and comedians can give it a variety element, and the exact tone of the event depends on which ones you book We’ve seen them all; we know which comics are a bit risqué, which are more subtle than most, which magicians are a bit more original. Just as in business, sound principles apply here: proper planning prevents poor performance, so rather than just throwing something Google recommends when you search for “entertainment options for corporate events“, let us help you to do it properly.

Some organisers choose to host the event themselves, and if you are that kind of person – or you know the boss can pull it off and would get a kick out of doing it – that’s cool. In most cases, though, it’s best to leave it to a professional, either an MC or a DJ who’s as good with the chat as they are with the music. Again, we can tell you who would be an appropriate choice for you, bringing the sort of tone you want. Like the entertainers themselves, corporate party entertainment comes in many styles.

Maybe a jazz band in Canberra is your preference. There is plenty of talent around and we’re always keeping an eye out for new talent while enjoying working with the more experienced corporate entertainment who never let us down. It’s a case of horses for courses, and we know the form, so tell us what you’re thinking of and we’ll find you the right corporate event entertainment.

All the event DJs are different too; different styles, different personalities, and they appeal to certain audiences. You know the make-up of the gathering you’re planning, so give us an idea of who’s going to be there and we’ll match you up with the right person.

Then, on the night, sit back, relax and enjoy the show because, after all, even the organiser is entitled to have some fun too.

How Do I Get Started Hiring Corporate Party Entertainers?

That’s easy. Contact us, by phone or online, and Stargigs will help you get this party started.
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Corporate Entertainment MCs

Image of Cam Sullings

Cam Sullings

Image of Sonia Kruger

Sonia Kruger

Image of Richard Wilkins

Richard Wilkins

Image of Samantha Armytage

Samantha Armytage

Image of Vince Sorrenti

Vince Sorrenti

Image of Erin Molan

Erin Molan

Other Corporate Party Entertainment MCs available upon request


Unique Corporate Entertainment Comedians

Image of Arj Barker

Arj Barker

Image of Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola

Image of Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes

Image of Anh Do

Anh Do

Image of Umbilical Brothers

Umbilical Brothers

Image of Dave Thornton

Dave Thornton

Image of Jimeoin


Image of Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

Image of Wil Anderson

Wil Anderson

Other corporate entertainment comedians available upon request

Other Corporate Event Entertainers

Corporate Event Live Bands

Corporate Event Entertainment DJs

Corporate Party Enterainment Magicians

Event MC

Ladies and Gentlemen, all the Way from the Pub Next Door: Your Corporate MC! There's an art to host...

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