Love is in the Air and You Need to Hire a Wedding Band

Professional and semi-professional musicians love playing their instruments and the singers love their singing. And the great thing for them – and the rest of us – is that they can add their talent to the brilliant pool of musos who make up bands for hire. There is nothing like giving a room full of people a good time by strutting your stuff for them, and that’s what a great live wedding band does. Read More

As a big noise in the world of event entertainment, we at Stargigs know all the best wedding bands in Canberra, and we can help you find the ideal one for your special day. If the happy couple are both devotees of a certain type of music, they may choose to treat themselves to a night of rock’n’roll with a jazz band for hire, or reggae, or funk, or whatever their shared passion is, but the vast majority of such events try to cater for all the guests, and that means finding a wedding music band.

What Makes a Great Wedding Music Band?

It’s a band that can play in a broad range of styles, to keep everyone happy. Obviously, there has to be a romantic element to the repertoire, but then pop music is all about love in one way or another, so there’s plenty to choose from. Equally clearly, the general vibe has to be happy. Nobody wants a doom and gloom affair raining on their nuptial parade.

If you’re going down the traditional route, the bride and groom will hit the floor together for the first dance, and even if the live wedding band you’ve chosen has a vast catalogue of songs and you give them carte blanche to pace the evening as they see fit (which is a skill in itself), you’ll be able to tell them what that first song should be. They may even let you look through their repertoire and draw up a set list. One thing is for sure, if they’re serious about what they do – and if they’re working for Stargigs, they will be – they’re going to want you to be happy with their choices.

On stage, the singer is likely to be the spokesperson and act as a kind of event MC – although we can get you a specialist wedding DJ if you wish. There are some excellent wedding singers in Canberra, and if we assist you with your wedding band hire, we will make sure you get people you can trust to keep the atmosphere bright and lively – at least until it comes to smooch time, when they will be aiming to fill the room with romance and maybe hoping to get more wedding gigs on the strength of it. You know the kind of thing: Endless Love, Always and Forever, How Deep is your Love? And if the two of you have an “our tune”, but it’s not something they normally play, by all means, see if they can learn it or polish it up for you.

How Can We Get Started Looking for a Wedding Band in Canberra?

All you’ve got to do is contact us, either via the online form or by calling us to discuss it. We’ll make a note of the date, your musical tastes and the kind of bash it’s going to be, so we’ll have some ideas right off the bat for which bands would be perfect for you, and we’ll make some calls to see if they’re available.

What Makes a Great Singer for Hire?

There are more great singers in the world than the twin halls of fame and fortune have room for. There are more than a few in Canberra, and that is good news for anyone needing a singer for an event – and for us as providers of singers for hire.

They come in all styles, because a great voice is a great voice, whether it’s in the mould of a Jimmy Barnes, a Harry Styles or a Tom Jones, a Barbra Streisand, a Katy Perry or a Taylor Swift. The singers on our roster have very different characteristics and can turn their hand to all sorts of songs, but they all have one thing in common: they have a natural talent. We know, because we have a good listen before we take them on. That means we can try to get as close as possible to what you, the customer, are looking for.

Does a Singer for Hire Have a Personality to Match?

Personality matters too. You may want someone with an easy charm or ready wit. For certain events – maybe you’re rousing the troops to improve morale – you may need a rabble-rouser who can blow the roof off. If it’s a more mature, sedate crowd, that may be just what you don’t want.

What’s important when you book a singer for hire is that you give us a good idea of what you have in mind.

How to Find the Right Singer for Hire

You can fill in the online form, giving us as much detail as you like. Alternatively, put it all in an email or just call us. However you get the process started, we’ll fix you up with the best possible singer for hire.

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