Bride and Groom, Take it Easy, I’m Tonight’s Wedding Emcee

The trouble with organising a wedding is that the two most important people are rather busy: they’re getting married that day and they’ve got a thousand things to do beforehand and duties to perform on the day itself. Things like welcoming guests, catching up with old friends and relatives and enjoying their new life as a spouse. Yet the majority of couples still do most of it themselves, from picking a venue to sourcing for the best wedding music bands. So what they really need is a little help on the night. Just someone to make a few announcements and make sure the atmosphere doesn’t drop, because everyone wants to have a good time, but sometimes they need a little geeing up. Read More

The guy in the headline above thinks he’s a poet. And he’s loud. Sounds like he’s in charge. And in a way these people are. Wedding Emcee. It’s a grand title: Master of Ceremonies. It comes from a different age, when the boom boom boom came from a big bass drum on somebody’s chest, not from a 1000-watt PA system. It was a time when everything was a lot more formal and there were protocols to follow. MCs weren’t performers in their own right. They linked the progressing parts of a ceremony, introduced people who were going to do something important and generally made sure the event ran smoothly. And that’s pretty much what they do today.

When Did DJs take on the role as Wedding Emcees?

There has been an elevation, as characters have built upon the growing stature of the DJ, who was becoming known as a musician for hire. They were the music person and with that 1000 watts at their disposal, they had the loudest voice. Might as well give them a list of what is going to happen when, and let them convey that to the excited masses on the dancefloor. They’ve got a better chance of reaching the denizens of the bar and the smokers outside. You could try getting the Best Man to do it, running around with a loud hailer clamped to his face, but why? You’ve already got a wedding DJ providing the music, so give them the brief and let them do their thing. Give them a couple more letters after their name: Ladies and gentlemen, this is me, Wedding DJ.

How Do I Find the Right Wedding DJ in Canberra?

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to ask around, work your way through a long list of phone numbers and end up hoping for the best. Let us do it for you. We are Stargigs, the event and party specialists, and we know all the wedding DJs in Canberra; it’s what we do.

We know their styles. We know who’s a straightforward, organised character who will run the show with old-fashioned precision, and we know who is an out-and-out rabble-rousing eccentric who can build up the fun to just below chaos level while making sure the wheels don’t fall off. The choice is yours. It’s your event and you know the kind of thing you want. We know the people who can make it happen.

In addition to wedding emcee’s, we can find you a venue, a band and lots of other things like a DJ to hire. For corporate event entertainment, we can supply comedians and magicians, but for a wedding, you probably don’t need that. You just want a DJ hire who can make it a night to remember.

So How Do I Go About Finding a Wedding DJ or MC in Canberra?

Contact us, simple as that. Fill in the online form or call us to discuss it. Tell us the sort of atmosphere you’re after, let us know the date and we’ll find the right wedding party entertainers in Canberra to fill that role for you. Then you can relax and enjoy your own wedding!

How to Hire an MC: You bring the Ceremonies and we’ll Bring the Master

There is nothing like a good MC for getting the party going. It takes a certain sort of personality to do it, but if you’re looking for wedding MC hire, we have got the person you need. As providers of entertainers for events and parties, we personally vet everyone who wants us to find bookings for them, so we know what they’re all about.

Through us you can hire an MC you may otherwise never have come across, because the best entertainers are not necessarily good at promoting themselves. That is our department.

When I Hire an MC How Do I Know They’re the Right One?

Again, that’s our department because we know our roster and if you give us all the information we need about the nature of your event: where, when, how many people and what atmosphere you’re aiming for, we will find you an MC as close to ideal as we can.

What Exactly Does an MC do?

When you hire an MC you are to a large extent setting the tone of your event. They will keep the party moving, organising where organisation is called for. If you’ve got the music on for a while but then you want to have some announcements, speeches or whatever, the MC will make sure you have a bit of quiet so you can do what’s necessary. If the atmosphere dips a little, they will get it going again. The best ones are efficient, amusing and likeable, and they take the onus off the organiser, so you can enjoy the party too, rather than being on duty the whole time.

How to Arrange Wedding MC Hire

You can fill in the online form, email us the full details or simply call us to get the ball rolling. We’ll set about getting you the best person for the job.

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