You Spin Me Round Like a Record: DJ Hire in Canberra

What does a DJ contribute to an event? They have a major impact on the tone of the proceedings, the energy in the room and the mood of the crowd. It’s something the best ones take very seriously because word of mouth is still the best form of marketing and if you’re supplying the sounds for a gathering of anywhere between a few dozen people and a few hundred or more, do a great job and that’s a load of recommendations working on your behalf.

We at Stargigs know all the best DJs in Canberra. It’s our job to know them, just like we know all the comedians, magicians, MCs and live bands for hire, because we are in the events and parties business and we help clients put all the pieces together. Read More

Everybody has their own tastes in music, and that includes DJs, but what they listen to in their own time and what they play at gigs may be two very different things. A really good event DJ can read an audience. Given a general brief by the organiser, the DJ works towards the desired result and their personal taste takes a back seat. If the organiser wants to see everybody up and dancing like the coolest bunch of people that’s ever been assembled in one place, the DJ hire will play the most infectious rhythms they can get their hands on. If it’s a young crowd, that will call for a certain feel, while an older mob will want to hear stuff they know and like, not what the kids think they should like. Different strokes for different folks.

If it’s a wedding party, there’s going to have to have to be a fair amount of romantic material on the playlist of the wedding DJ. 18th birthday? Possibly a lot of tracks the DJ doesn’t really like. Retirement party? Songs from a previous era, and as well as the obvious stuff, something with a bit of street cred will “earn them brownie points”, as the old folks would say. Consultation with the organiser is essential, and at Stargigs we notice how well the DJs fulfil the brief, so when we get a similar event coming in, we know who to recommend. That’s how we provide the best service.

What about a very mixed group of people? That’s where event DJs really earn their money, finding something for everyone and ideally killing several birds with one stone. With the current cultural mix in this country, the event may turn out to have many different nationalities. The best practitioners are prepared for this, such as magicians for cooporate events, and if DJs used to have incredible record collections, they’re thanking their lucky stars that they can use electronic devices now, rather than having to lug truckloads of vinyl up and down the stairs.

How Can I Find the Best Event DJ for My Project?

That’s simple: contact us and we’ll source around Canberra for the best DJ hire for you. Fill in the online form or call us to discuss it. Tell us the nature of the occasion, what sort of crowd you’re expecting, and of course the date. We’ll draw up a shortlist and make some calls to see who’s available.

Then you can cross that decision off your list and get on with the rest of your planning. All together now: Last night a DJ was hired and saved my life.

The Room-Reading Skill of a Canberra DJ

It sounds like an easy job, doesn’t it? But for a DJ it’s not a matter of playing their favourite music and expecting everyone else to like it. The Canberra DJs we represent are music lovers first and foremost, but they are also experts at reading the room and tailoring their music to suit the crowd – and the organiser. If that’s you, you can brief the DJ in advance as to what sort of people you’re expecting, so they can start thinking about what will go down well.

The age range may well play a part, because Twist and Shout and Ace of Spades may do much the same job for different generations, but there are also songs that will get just about everybody up and dancing. For example, a bit of Motown or Abba’s timeless Dancing Queen can unite a function room with the sheer joy of being alive.

How to Book the Right Canberra DJ for Your Event

To make sure you get the right one, give us as much information as you can, so we know what you’re looking for. We have Canberra DJs for all occasions, and you can get the ball rolling by filling in our online form, sending us all the details by email or simply calling us.

A successful event for you is a successful event for us, so we will do our best to find you the Canberra DJ who’s going to make your bash go with a swing They will get the place rocking, pogoing, hip-hopping or whatever it is you want. Read Less

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