Is It Hard Finding a Comedian in Canberra? Don’t Make Me Laugh.

Finding the right comedian for a corporate event is a serious business. And if that sounds like an attempt at a joke, it is and it isn’t. The world of comedy has changed drastically in recent years, as what used to be known as political correctness comes to look increasingly like the norm. What that means is that when you want to book a comedian for a company party, or you need a comedian for a birthday party, you’ve got to be careful who you choose. Read More

Gone are the days when some cheeky chap could get up there and do pretty much what he liked. For one thing, it’s not necessarily going to be a he these days. There are a lot of funny women around (and again, that sort of sounds like a joke, but it’s the kind of joke that half the world doesn’t find funny you’re going to need to talk to someone who knows the market. Someone like us, Stargigs. We know all the corporate comedians and we know which ones would also be suitable for a private gig too.

Is There a Shortage of Comedians for Hire in Canberra?

No, there are a number of comedians in Canberra. And oddly enough, politicians are not one of the new protected species: a comedian can still use them as cheap fodder for their jokes. But even so, there are standards that have to be maintained especially for corporate event entertainment– at this point, every statement like that sounds like it’s setting up a punchline.

But seriously, folks, we are here to help you through the minefield that is 21st-century comic event entertainment. This country has a great tradition of producing funny people such as Paul Hogan, Eric Bana and Carl Barron and it still does. Perhaps even more so, in fact, because in addition to the funny girls (gentlemen, pleeease) there is a wonderful cultural mix here now, and although that means your typical old ocker can’t get away with jokes about foreigners like he used to, the new generation – the new Australians – can joke about themselves.

The best comedians have always been intelligent, and that’s an even more important requirement nowadays. Observational comedy, for instance, requires a lot more thought than the old “a man walks into a bar”kind. But there are still the slapstick ones, the physical comedy specialists, and let’s not forget it’s still a free country, so if you want some loud, with a who cares attitude who can make people laugh in spite of themselves, they do still exist and we know where to find comedians for hire in Canberra. No, they’re not chained up outside police stations, they’re out doing gigs or sitting at home, waiting for us to phone.

So Yes, I Need to Hire a Comedian for a Party. Where Should I Start?

You can start right here, right now. Fill in the online form, telling us what sort of event you’re planning and how we can help you (we can also find you a venue, caterers, a live band for hire, or a DJ in Canberra). Or call us and let’s talk about the comedian you need for your private party. Joking apart, this is what we do and we can help you, for sure.
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Corporate Entertainment Comedians

Image of Arj Barker

Arj Barker

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Celia Pacquola

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Dave Hughes

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Anh Do

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Umbilical Brothers

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Dave Thornton

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Chris Ryan

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Wil Anderson

Other corporate comedians in Canberra available upon request

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