16 Strings and a Touch of Class: String Quartet for Hire in Canberra

What consists of four musicians but is not a band? What is a group of classical musicians but not an orchestra?

A string quartet comprises two violins, a viola and a cello and can bring live classical music to an event without you having to build an extension to house them. It’s a stylish experience, a breath of fresh air, a relief from the everyday racket of pop music, and it can give an atmosphere to an event that makes it more refined but still fun.

If you want to hire a string quartet in Canberra to bring a kind of Aristocracy feeling to the proceedings, we at Stargigs can arrange that for you. Read More

What Sorts of Events Could be Elevated by Hiring a String Quartet?

Anything from a corporate party entertainment to a product launch can benefit from the natural charm of a string quartet from Canberra. Imagine you’ve got a new line in lingerie: you can evoke feelings of elegance and style, femininity and depth, and let the products themselves stir the imagination.
If you’re bringing the workforce together for a pep talk or to thank them for a job well done, you can make them feel special as soon as they walk in when they see what you’ve arranged for entertainment: not a cheap and cheerful DJ or a friendly but unimpressive band. They hired a string quartet! That’s what the bosses think of the staff: they think we’re worthy of something special.
Another kind of entertainment that can be transformed if you hire a string quartet in Canberra is a wedding ceremony. A String Quartet will create ambience for your guests and whilst they expect to hear popular songs such as A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, Never Tear Us Apart by INXS and Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Alongside hiring wedding singers in Canberra, the performance will be fantastic and your special day will truely be a one to remember!

What’s the Story of String Quartets?

The term can refer to the musical unit itself or to a piece written specifically to be played by that line-up. The development of the string quartet is generally credited to the 18th century Austrian composer, Joseph Haydn, so naturally, some of his works are part of the repertoire you might hear from a Canberra string quartet, but many other composers liked the style and wrote specially for it. From Mendelssohn and Mozart to Beethoven and Tschaikovsky plenty of the great names contributed to the form.

What if I or My Guests know Nothing about Classical Music?

You don’t need to know anything about classical music to enjoy it. There is so much music in the world now that classical has become a minority interest, but one thing is for certain: you will recognise many of the tunes.
In addition, musicians for hire with a sense of fun have the skill and talent to give you a string quartet version of virtually anything. Movie themes are always popular such as All You Need is Love, Love is in the Air and Unchained Melody: you’d be surprised what these people can knock out, so when you hire a string quartet in Canberra, it’s worth asking them if they can give you a certain unlikely number to make your guests smile.

How Do I Find a Canberra String Quartet?

Just let us do it. We can find you one. Fill in the online form or give us a call to discuss it and you’ll be on the way to giving your event a classical sheen that people will be talking about for years to come.
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